Conjuring 2 Amityville

Conjuring 2 AmityvilleSo this last weekend I finally got around to seeing the Conjuring 2. I must say, I had a great time. If you’ve stumbled upon this page from a search engine, then you’re probably already aware of the Conjuring 2 Amityville scene right at the beginning. It ties really nicely into the little information that is somewhat verifiable.

Conjuring 2 Amityville Spoilers Below!

So the movie starts out at the infamous Amityville Horror house, at the top floor. We can see those devilish quarter circle windows letting sun rays into the house. Somebody is walking around setting up recording gear, as we move to the living room where the Warrens are beginning their seance.

conjuring2-amityville-childLorraine Warren goes into a trance, and this is where all of the magic happens. ¬†Lorraine¬†steps out of her body and sees a child peering at her. She also walks through the steps of Ronnie DeFeo Jr that night, killing the entire family. She is drawn into the basement by the child, where we’re shown an unrelated nun. The nun shows Lorraine how Ed will die, and that’s pretty much where the Amityville connection ends.

The intro is really intense. I initially found it a bit confusing, because it makes you wonder if the nun was responsible for the DeFeo murders? Was Ronnie (allegedly) controlled by this demonic nun or was some other demon responsible? If something else was responsible, why did Lorraine not see the guilty demon during her trace? I suppose the point is that it’s whatever you want it to be, since that’s the way fiction tends to go when we don’t get clear answers. Regardless, it was awesome how they tied the child’s photo into the storyline. Since no children were present at the seance, yet nothing spectacular occurred, this remained the only clue that led us to wonder…is it real or a hoax?

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